SPARK appointed as Financial and Nominated Adviser to New Trend Lifestyle Group PLC

SPARK Advisory Partners Limited (“SPARK”) is pleased to announce it has been appointed as financial advisor and nominated adviser to New Trend Lifestyle Group PLC.

New Trend Lifestyle Group PLC was established in 2005 by Master Hillary Phang and is based in Singapore where it has its head office and seven retail outlets. NTL’s Feng Shui services include building and office design consultancy, astrology readings, marriage matching, aura readings and business talks and seminars for large corporations. NTL is one of the leading branded Feng Shui consultancies in Asia, selling its services to a mixture of high profile businessmen, political figures, business enterprises and the general public. It provides lifestyle guidance to customers which leads to the provision of a number of products and services. NTL gained Admission to AIM in 2012.