Regulatory Services

Highly experienced regulatory team

Spark is both an NOMAD for AIM clients and a Sponsor for full list transactions. Spark is able to guide its clients through the increasingly complex and subjective AIM regulatory environment. We provide our clients with proactive advice on both continuing obligations and transactions which leverages experience gained over many years of dealing with the Stock Exchange, FCA and the UK listing Authority.

Spark is one of only a small number of advisors who are both a NOMAD for AIM companies and a Sponsor for main market companies.

Spark personnel have a strong track record of guiding boards through the regulatory minefield of being a public company and regularly provide guidance sessions for both the executive and non executive directors or our client companies.

As a corporate finance and regulatory services boutique Spark is able to provide high quality sponsor services at a fraction of the costs often charged by the compliance departments of the large investment banks. Spark has provided sponsor services for larger capitalised public companies on smaller transactions working alongside other larger advisors who for commercial reasons cannot act as sponsor on a smaller transaction.

We always seek to provide our regulatory clients with access to our broader financial advisory offering.

We believe this approach together with our independence from investing institutions positions us ahead of our peers to add value to our clients rather than just the required regulatory advice.