Private Funding Rounds

Spark has the experience and contacts to ensure funding rounds are successful

Spark can advise your business on the myriad of private capital funding options. Whether its seed capital, venture debt, private equity or leverage solutions Spark has experience and contacts to assist in ensuring funding rounds are successful. At Spark we believe our role is to find  the correct funding partner for our clients and a funding solution which meets their needs rather than solely the best valuation.

The ability to raise growth capital, at the correct value and at the right time often is a key determinant in a Company fulfilling its potential. Raising growth capital can be challenging for entrepreneurs who have to date self-financed their business. At Spark we work closely with owners and management to ensure that the correct type of funding partner is found and the funding appropriate for the Company’s maturity and valuation profile is sourced.

This may mean raising money from different investor types as the Company grows and raising funds at differing valuation inflexion points.

Spark has relationships amongst investors from family offices through to venture and private equity funds. We always seek to deploy our debt advisory capability to evaluate leverage as an alternative to private capital funding in a growth capital raising in order to deliver an optimal solution for our client.