Equity Capital Raisings

Spark can provide independent advice leveraging substantial experience and expertise

Spark personnel have substantial equity capital markets experience, having been involved in numerous public capital raisings over many years. Whether it is an IPO funding or secondary fundraising our broker relationships and knowledge of the nuances of the fundraising process can impact viability and valuation substantially. Spark, unlike corporate brokers, are able to offer clients advice unencumbered by relationships with public company investors who are significant clients for brokers and integrated houses.

Spark personnel have worked on numerous IPOs and equity capital raisings for both AIM and full listed Companies. Spark as an independent house is able to advise a client company on broker selection for raising IPO capital or in a secondary fundraise. The choice of the correct broker and sales team and analyst is vital in maximising both transaction viability and valuation.

In a public company fundraising Spark would seek to manage brokers on a client’s behalf, to ensure that they are motivated to achieve an optimal result for the Company and not just their investors. Spark has good relationships with brokers across the market who are increasingly becoming sector specialised and known by investors for specific types of companies.

Our ECM client is always the corporate entity. We unlike integrated Advisor/Brokers are free of the inherent conflict of also having investing institutions as clients. We can, therefore, advise clients independently on valuation and seek to maintain pricing tension to limit the transfer of value to the investor on an equity raise.

Spark is also a Corporate Adviser on the NEX Exchange Growth Market.