Advice to Public Company Boards

Spark personnel have worked with public companies for many years. In addition certain of the partners have are non-executive directors of public companies themselves. Spark is able to provide advice to client and non-client boards on strategy, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and possible investor/stock market response to specific actions.
As an independent advisor spark is able to provide advice and interpret market sentiment unencumbered by client relationships with institutional investors which provide a significant income source for brokers and integrated houses.

At Spark we believe that regulatory advice should be provided not solely at the time of results or transactions but also on a regular on-going timely basis. We seek to provide our regulatory clients, where required with education sessions and guidance notes.

Many Directors, both executive and non-executive who have not necessarily had a City facing career can feel overwhelmed by the complexity and volume of rules and regulations to which a public company must adhere. As a result we seek to be a sounding board for client Directors and make ourselves available to answer regulatory queries on a confidential basis.

The Spark Partners have direct experience of the issues facing non-executive Directors in such positions. As non-executive Directors of AIM Companies, main market Companies and private companies ourselves we are well placed to advise directors on both corporate finance, corporate governance and other matters.